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A Complete Rewrite of Old Magento


If sources are to be believed then Magento 2 should be the complete rewrite of Magento and it’s been in talks since it was declared but besides promises nothing is released yet. Roy Rubin says that Magento 2 is underway and they have posted in their blogs too so lets wait and see when they will release Magento 2. Ideally problems like database complexity, slow performance will be taken care of in Magento 2 but there are few more things which Magento 2 will offer i.e.:

  • Clear processes and transparency
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Improved product security
  • Enhanced Modular architecture
  • Improved coverage of Web APIs
  • Simplified customization process and learning curve
  • Improve Multi-language support
  • Improve education and product documentation for merchants and developers

Unfortunately, there is no clear and precise date given for Magento 2 release but the features seems cool and we are desperately waiting to play with it. Roy Rubin talked about Magento 2 so just check out this video to see what Roy Rubin has to say about Magento 2 development plan.

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