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Adding New Payment Module In Magento


There are certain cases where you find the need to add new Payment Method (Payment Gateway) in a Magento store. Especially if the Magento store owner wishes to use a specific payment gateway not available in default Magento installation. Adding a new Magento Payment Module is not difficult but requires a little bit of programming at your end. In this article i am going to elaborate on how to add a new payment module (Payment Gateway) to your existing Magento Installation which will accept credit cards, authorize credit card when the order is placed and saves order ID in payment record.

In this example i will call it “Paymentpro” but you can change every occurrence of “Paymentpro” with the payment gateway you are integrating for e.g. “RBSDirect” or something else.

Few Notes:

1. Just Replace all instances of “Paymentpro” with your payment module name.
2. Just replace all instance of “Magik” with your company/namespace name.
3. Ensure that the path of the PHP include_path is /app/code/local/
4. Clean your cache after modifying the config xml files.

Now, you are all set to create a new payment module of your own. Following is a step by step guide to build your own shipping module, just follow them in exact order and make sure that the above requirements are taken care of.
Define new Magento Payment Module

First of all lets create a new payment module app/etc/modules

/Magik_Paymentpro.xml and create the following xml file:

        <Mage_Payment />
The above code will tell Magento that there is a new Payment module enabled in the system.

Configure new Magento Payment Module

To configure your newly created Magento payment module you need
to create app/code/local/Magik/Paymentpro/etc/config.xml and add the
following code in it
<?xml version="1.0"?>
     </Magik_Paymentpro>  </modules>
            <module>Magik_Paymentpro</module>          </setup>
          <connection>            <use>core_setup</use>
          <title>Credit Card (</title>
Admin Panel Configuration Options
We will create another file to view the configuration options in Magento
admin panel under System => Configuration. To do this lets create one
 file app/code/local/CompanyName/NewModule/etc/system.xml

Setting up Database Updates

Just create one file app/code/local/Magik/Paymentpro/sql
/paymentpro_setup/mysql4-install-0.1.0.php and add
 the following lines of code
Finally, create app/code/local/Magik/Paymentpro
 and add the following lines of code
    $this->run("Your SQL QUERY");
To accommodate these change in database you have to change the version in config.xml file

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