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Product Offer extension: adds bargain options to your web-store


Are you looking for an extension that allows customers to bargain right in your web-store? Customers generally want to pay for goods at the cheapest price and many bargain when purchasing. Therefore, if they are enabled to offer lower prices, customers’ motivation to buy products will increase greatly. Try our new released extension- Product Offer to add the desired function to your site!

How it works?

Customers offer a lower price right in the product page. Administrators then give feedback also right in the page along with sending an email notice: accept, refuse, or make new offers which in turn may be accepted or refused by customers.

Outstanding features

  • Easy to manage offers, bargained products and transactions
  • Allow administrators to choose which products could be bargained
  • Administrators can send emails to accept, refuse, or make new offers to customers automatically
  • Allow customers to add comments along with their offers
  • Allow customers to accept or refuse the negotiation right on emails
  • This extension is compatible with Magento version 1.3,,

Visit Product Offer page and add this revolutionary extension to your cart today!

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