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How to export Magento product


Hi everyone, as we all know, Magento supports a large number of products. That’s great! But it is also causing problem for people who wants to export / import products. I will try to show you a way which use Magento functionality to export and import product. In this article, let’s start with how to export Magento product.

This tutorial is written based on Magento 1.4 but it should be similar for other Magento versions.

In admin panel, go to System > Import/Export > Profiles

In Profiles page, choose Export All Products

Choose Profile Wizard tab, and fill your config in the fields. Then click Save and Continue Edit.

Please wait for Magento to save config, and continue with Run Profile tab by clicking Run Profile in Popup and wait for Magento to work.

You will get exported file in …\var\export\export_all_products.csv if you config profile by choosing configuration as below

Well, I think now you just need to download the exported file. Next article, I will tell you how to import this file for Magento.

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