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How To Customize Magento Mobile App Colors For iPhone


Magento is a strong eCommerce application which gives the flexibility to have to a customized iPhone customized theme with lots of different color variant. Magento empowers to use any preset color palette or use one from scratch to match with your site’s design.

I am going to present screenshots of a Magento mobile app for iPhone where i am showing you how to customize your iPhone app with lots of colors and images. I am assuming you are using Enterprise Magento software.

1. Magento Mobile App in Magento Admin Panel

How To Customize Magento Mobile App Colors For iPhone

2: Magento Mobile Application home page

3: Base Category Listing Page

4: Sub Category Listing Pages

5: Product Listing Page

6: Product Detail Page

7: Product Customization Page

8: Product Add To Cart Page

9: Shopping Cart Page

10. Checkout Page

11. Billing Detail Page

These are the basic 11 pages you should customize to give look and feel of your brand.

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