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My article today will take a little time of you to comprehend but I believe that this is very useful for those who pay attention to Design Packages of Template Structure topic. Trust me and follow now!

1.  Directory structure of design packages

The directory structure of design packages for Magento consists of two main parts:

- app/design/frontend(adminhtml): Contains layout and template directories of Magento.

- skin/frontend(adminhtml): Contains images, styles(css),JavaScript(js) files and directories.

- This is the location where a basic structure of Magento system is established, thus there should be not any customizations in package Base.

- The customizations should be established on packages duplicated from base package.

- If the duplicated package does not contain Magento structures, the system will use the structures in package Base (not including the skin part).

b) Default Package (CE 1.4+)

Stylesheets make up templates for Magento system. If you cannot find them in the duplicated package, the system will automatically seek in Default package instead.

c)  Enterprise Packages

d) Professional Packages

2. How to configure design package

The process to configure a design package is described as below:

● Log in Back-end

● Go to System/ Configuration

● Select tab Design on left menu

● Fill the text box “Current Package Name” name of your package

● Click on Save Configuration button

I believe that through these 2 posts of Template structure, you can take some manipulations with Magento system. Now, let’s wait for the last part of this topic to grab sufficient knowledge.

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