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How to transfer large Magento database from live to development server and other way round


I have been involved in Magento development for almost a year now. God knows I had (and still have) my moments of pain with it . If you are in professional, everyday, PHP development that focuses mainly on Magento then your life probably isn’t all flowers and bees. Magento is extremely rich eCommerce platform, but its main downside IMHO is its size and code complexity. If you download Magento via SVN, you will sound find out it has around 11 600 and more files. This is no small figure. Transferring that much of files over the FTP can be a real night mare. Luckily we have SSH and tar command to handle this really neat.

But what about database. Today I worked on database with more than 20 000 products in store and with extremely large number of categories. What seemed like easy database transfer from live site to local developer machine to do a test and fix on few issues tunerd out to be an issue for itself. Without further delay, here is my favorite tool to handle all database related work from now on: Navicat.

Among my favorite features is the Data transfer. Directly moving one database to another among different MySQL servers works like a charm. I find yourself strangled among often database recommended action I suggests you test the trial version of this tool.

Here are some screenshots of Navicat Data transfer in Action.

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