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Hide categories that have no products magento


I have many sites that use the same root category of the Main Site. Each product that is added is added to the site it was added to (wow.) and also the Main Site. However, I would like categories on a per site basis to only appear if there are products on that site.

If I have:


But Site1 only has products in Category1 and Category2, whereas Site2 and Site3 have products in Category2 and Category3; I only want Category1/2 to appear on Site1 and only Category2/3 to only appear on Site2 and Site3.

However, because all products in Site1/2/3 are also added to the Main Site; the Main Site would list Category1/2/3.

No products are added directly to the Main Site. It simply serves as a repository for the other sites.

Now, if there is no really easy way to enable this (as I’m sure), would it be as simple as writing my own theme that lists categories that only have products on the site that the template is being displayed on?

I am not a novice in the technologies that Magento uses; so writing custom code is no problem. I would, however, not like to edit it that much so that upgrading my code base would be easier in the future with later versions of Magento.

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