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Translate/change/customize Pages titles of Contact Us, Site Maps, and Search Term pages in Magento


Magento provides the functionality to manage more than one store. And we can translate the sentences and words in content according to our requirements. But what about the page titles? We can change CMS page titles using magento backend. But for some pages like contact us, site maps and search terms it requires much efforts than normal.

You can translate or customize your page titles in magento by using layout files.

So just follow the following steps:

Go to your theme folder. E.g.; rootfolder/app/design/frontend/default/mytheme
In this folder you will generally find following three directories.

Open layout directory and you will find layout files with .xml extension related to your project. (In case the related files are not there, you can copy that from your base theme folder i.e.; rootfolder/app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/).
Open layout file related to your page, for e.g.;
To translate contact-us page title, use contacts.xml.

If you have little knowledge of magento you will be able to understand the following lines.

Custom Page Title

In above code snippet, “module-name” is the module name related to the page.

“Custom Page Title” is the page title you wish to decide for the page.

Note: Don’t forget to write the translation in locale folder csv files for the page titles.

You can see above code in its action in following examples:

For Contact Us Page: open contacts.xml and put following code,

Contact Us

Under the following line:

2. For Site Maps Page: open catalog.xml and find

If you able to find this in catalog.xml then put following lines below above code:

Site Map

3. For Search Terms Page: open catalogsearch.xml and find following lines,

Place following line of code below it:

Search Terms

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