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Magento Pre Launch Checklist


When all the design work is completed, and the store is fully stocked with products, it’s time to start thinking about going live. It can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t done it before. Hopefully our Magento Launch Checklist will take some of the stress out of going live…

Magento Launch Checklist

  1. Favicon
  2. Place a favicon image in your theme’s folder skin/frontend/default/your-theme/favicon.ico

  3. HTML Head
  4. Change the title and set the meta description and keywords, these are important for SEO.
    System → Configuration →General → Design → HTML Head.

  5. Placeholder Images
  6. Create placeholder images for your site and place them in: catalog/products/placeholder/image.jpg, catalog/products/
    placeholder/small_image.jpg and catalog/products/placeholder/thumbnail.jpg. Alternatively they
    can be uploaded in admin: System → Configuration → Catalog → Catalog → Product Image Placeholders.

  7. Contact Information
  8. Ensure all the store information and email addresses are set. You will be able to find these in System → Configuration → General and System → Configuration → Store Email Addresses.

  9. Transactional Emails Logos
  10. Transactional emails use a different logo to the default one. Make sure that the image that you want to display is used instead of the default image. You can upload here: System → Configuration → Design → Transactional Emails
    Alternatively you can place your own logo, named as logo_email.gif in your images folder in the skin directory.

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