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Shipping An Order From Magento In Five Simple Steps


Magento is such a brilliant e-commerce platform that it lets online store owners to ship products to multiple addresses from a single order. This software offers great features which the online store merchants had been waiting for since years.If you are an online store owner and facing problems in shipping an order from magento, here’s the solution for you.When order is created and invoiced, you must ship it to customer for its status to become complete. This is a very important step unless order contains only virtual products like downloadable goods or other items that do not need to be shipped to customer.The Invoiced order can be shipped by clicking on ‘Ship’ button on top left side of order edit form. New shipment form will appear. Here you can add tracking numbers by clicking on ‘Add Tracking Number’ button. You must choose carrier, and add the number. You can add as many numbers as you like.In case your order contains more than one item you can chose to ship less than ordered quantity by setting ‘Qty to ship’ field to number of items you want to ship. Any order in Magento can be shipped in few different shipments.Lastly, you can add shipment comment and ‘Submit Shipment’. If you check ‘Email Copy of Shipment’, customer will receive an email with shipping information. After all ordered items are shipped, order status changes to complete.

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