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Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento Integration


We have recently extended our Integration offering to Microsoft Dynamics NAV market place for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento Integration. With the new connection bridge known as NAVeConnect you can seamlessly integrate your Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Magento eCommerce platform.The powerful features offered by Dynamics NAV and Magento can be integrated to allow the two systems to “talk to each other”. By linking the two systems, they work together to produce increased business benefits and the value and tools offered by each system are enhanced even further.

Business Challenges

eCommerce is the most modernized way of selling products. eRetail Business owners are free to use Magento as their eCommerce platform because its quickly customizable and flexible to use. On the other hand to control Back Office Operations like Purchase, Inventory Management, Accounting, etc. they use SME ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, though quite often we see that both the environments work separately. Here they miss out on the paybacks of an integrated automated system. Imagine getting the eCommerce data directly from your ERP system without any human interaction, it offers you numerous benefits.

So as we identified Integration is required element, but doing that is a real challenge because eCommerce only consider Sales Process while ERP associates Sales Process with Inventory, Warehouse, Accounting and Purchase Cycle Management.

With our new Integration Solution you can safely and securely exchange data in real time concerning Customer details, Orders, Item details, Payment & Shipping information between Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Solution: Integrated system for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Magento eCommerce

NAVeConnect provides an automated integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and eCommerce by using a web service layer between the two applications. Automated jobs are setup that can run at different timed intervals. The integration is secured by encrypting any sensitive data in a SOAP envelope. Customers can host Magento online store in the same network where Navision resides or in a completely different network such as by using a dedicated server with a third party hosting service.

#1: Order/Customer Integration

When a customer places order in Magento; the connector will check  is the order came from new customer or an existing customer. If the order is from new customer; connector will create a customer in Microsoft Dynamic NAV and later create the Order. When an existing customer creates an order, Connector will track for the unique customer ID in MS Dynamic NAV and will place the order against that existing customer ID.

#2: Item/Product Integration

Simple, Configurable, Bundle and Grouped type of products can be created in ERP system and uploaded to Magento along with the item images and special attributes Special price/discount can be set against particular item or item group for a specific period in MS Dynamic NAV, which will be reflected in Magento.

#3: Inventory Integration

The inventory information is updated on the Magento from Microsoft Dynamics NAV through the connector. When stock update operation happen in the ERP system, connector will check  the updated product’s inventory in ERP system and will fetch information at regular intervals to Magento eCommerce Platform.

#4: Order/Order Status Integration

The Connector will update Web Order Statuses based on Sales Operation in back end ERP system in real-time. If the shipping information updated in ERP system then the same information will be shown in Magento. The connector can sync the orders from Magento to ERP and send Order Status updates accordingly from NAV to Magento, achieving a Bi Directional Sync to complete the Order Cycle.

#5: Payment Integration

The connector supports any kind of Online Payment Methods like Payment Gateways, PayPal, Authorize.Net, etc. It also capable to cater with capturing of ‘Credit Card Information’ from a PCI Compliant Magento Shopping Cart and will sync that back to NAV. Online Payment Transaction ID and Payment Method will be mentioned in NAV Sales Order.


An eRetail business can be associated with various micro verticals which might be pet foods, gift items, apparels, electronic goods. Now, all these different verticals have different business scenarios. NAVeConnect  has been designed and developed to cater all those scenarios and for providing a generalized end to end solution which can be a ready fitment for any of these eRetail verticals.

Our solution can leverage your investment into Dynamics NAV and Magento.  It will help you reduce your cost of daily operations and allow you to respond to business changes quickly.

What are some integration challenges you face today integrating Dynamics NAV and Magento?  How would you handle them?

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