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Magento Professional-New Magento Edition by Varien


Magento, one of the most flexible, fastest growing e-commerce development platform got a new edition Magento Professional’ edition. A new achievement for Varien who introduced ‘Magento Professional’ just few days back.

Unlike Magento Community Edition, Magento Professional Edition is however not free of cost. But it is not so much costly like its big brother ‘Magento Enterprise’ Edition. The licensing cost of Magento Professional is till date $2995 per year.

Another interesting thing that we have found with Magento Professional Edition is that it comes with a Warranty.


But this is a true fact. Varien published this fact in the Product Brochure that this edition is highly tested and warranted.

All of the base functionalities of Magento Community Edition is functional in Magento Professional Edition along with some extra functionalities, which as per Varien called by ‘Revenue Generating’ features.

Below we have discussed all these features in detail:

Reward Points: - This feature is related with Customer Loyalty Management. Points will be rewarded to the customers on their purchase in the web store.

Gift Certificates: - This is a unique feature of Magento Professional Edition. There are two kinds of gift certificates available in the web store. Physical gift certificates will be mailed to the customers whereas customers will get Virtual gift certificate code through email. Both certificates can be redeemed in the web store.

Store Credits: - Customer specific store credits can be created and attached with a web customer. Gift Certificates can be redeemed to store credits. Customer can place orders in the web store using their store credits.

Customer Service: - This functionality is like Web CRM application. Customer Representatives will be able to place orders, edit orders, redeem orders, edit customer information, add items to the shopping cart on behalf of web customers. A separate module is introduced in Magento to achieve these functionalities, it’s called ‘Order Management’ module.

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