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Leveraging Magento for Cost Reduction and Customer Retention


E-commerce businesses need to focus on how they are going to create their website and enhance the shopper experience for customers. Magento is just one of the options available to them and the website is the most important aspect of doing business online. While products and customer service are important, people will never be able to discover these without first having a sufficient website layout. This is where Magento is being leveraged in order to offer a variety of benefits.

Cost Reduction with Magento

Magento offers the ability to do more things with less money. The program is entirely scalable, allowing businesses the ability to grow and still maintain the same software program. The program is capable of handling multiple sites, high volumes of products, and high volumes of traffic. This ensures that a company is able to reach out for new business without having to spend more on the design of their website.

Various versions of Magento exist, including Magento Enterprise. This ensures that even larger e-commerce businesses that do $1M + a year are able to benefit from what the program has to offer, including fast indexing of catalogs and a speedy checkout process. Every business has a version they can benefit from.

Customer Retention

A site that is created with Magento has the ability to engage customers. With a variety of features and customer accounts, customer retention is possible. Since there is more competition on the market than ever before, customers have more opportunities to buy online. E-commerce businesses have to focus on providing the best possible user experience to retain their customers.

There are targeted marketing tools as well as premium search capabilities built into the website to make it easy for customers to find what they want and for businesses to promote specific products. Shopping carts will be abandoned less by using the tools that Magento has to offer.

Profit Increase

There’s not a business out there that doesn’t want to increase their profits. By finding the right developer, it’s possible to turn an under-performing site into an impressive online store. Conversion rates can be optimized and revenues will be boosted.

If a site isn’t doing well, it’s usually because of one major flaw. It may be that the pages load too slowly or the checkout process is too complicated. Through the features of Magento and the talent of a developer, an online store can be enhanced so that more customers are attracted to it and buy on the site.

Ease of Use

Magento is also easy to use. Customers will be able to glide through the catalog, add items to their shopping cart, and checkout. This ease of use is ultimately what will keep customers coming back to do business with the company again and again.

In the Magento backend, owners will be able to create promotions and up-sells using various rules. This means that if a person spends $X, a discount will be applied or if a person adds X to the shopping cart, X, Y, and Z will be recommended for purchase as well. There is a customized Administrative panel that allows changes to be made based upon the needs of the business.

Magento can be leveraged in a variety of ways and it comes down to what a developer can do. Anyone who is not familiar with all of the layers and languages should hire a professional developer to ensure that all of the benefits that Magento has to offer are captured properly. With being able to enhance the user experience and provide owners with the ability to manage their catalog and their orders effectively, Magento has become one of the top e-commerce software programs.

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