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How to embed Google Custom Search in Magento


For those of you who love Google Custom Search and would like to use it with the Magento, here is a little how to. Entire embed process is really easy. It all comes down to copy paste-ing few lines of code from Google to Magento. My idea is to create the static block in Magento CMS section and then use the custom CMS page from which I will call this statick block among other HTML content I might wish to throw into the CMS page.

For starters, we need to create Google Custom Search engine. Attached are few screenshots to see how it looks.

Once we have created the necesery search engine, we will copy-paste the embed code into the static block of Magento, lets say we login to Magento, and create static block with identifier “custom-google-search-engine”.

For our last step, we will create a CMS page, giving it SEF URL Identifier “custom-search”, and placing the following {{block type=”cms/block” block_id=”custom-google-search-engine”}} block call into the content area.

That’s it. Now when you visit the url like http://myshop.domain/custom-search you will see the result like shown on photo below.

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