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Magento: Product Import Script : Update 1


There’s a lot of people checking my blog regularly, but not a lot of people signed up to my Twitter account to get updates on the progress, so I figured it would be a good idea to give updates occasionally on the blog. (If you want the BEST updates on the progress,subscribe to my Twitter).

Tonight I was able to successfully import custom attributes, of many types, even dropdowns. So, the good news is that in the script, you’ll be able to just include whatever columns you want for any custom attributes that you’ve created – and consider them imported!

The trickiest part was/is the dropdown attributes. These aren’t just a simple value that I can place into the database. The values for these have been pre-populated. So, first I need to check the database for the column, figure out if it is a user-defined attribute, then figure out if it is a dropdown, then search the database for the specific value that was given in the column. If it is off at all, or not found at all then I need to create error handling and logging for this issue and figure out what to do. That part isn’t complete yet. So – at this point, if the value isn’t found – an ugly PHP error is issued. But, I’ll get to that next.

After that is complete – I just need to figure out a way to handle all sorts of default values (if you choose not to include a lot of columns) so that the product is sure to get all the values it needs to function properly. Once that is done – and some overall loose ends are tied up – I think I will be ready for some beta testing (for any of you out there interested in helping test it out).

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