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Magento: Category Import Script?


Currently, there is no way to import categories unless you write your own script or sql. I may have a project coming up soon that will require importing a lot of categories, so I may have to build a better script (I’ve built a couple crappy ones already) for importing them. But, before I do that, I’d like to get some feedback.

First – CSV setup. What I’m assuming the best global way to import is from a CSV (correct me if I’m wrong). In that case, what do you think the best format of the CSV should be? My initial thoughts would be 2 columns. First one for the category name, second (if used) is for which category name the category is nested under. (I suppose there could be other columns as well for Enabled or Disabled, meta, image, etc.)

Second – Anything else that would be useful for a category import script?

I can’t guarentee that I’ll be able to have the time to do this – but we’ll see. The better and level of feedback I get, the more motivation I’ll probably have!

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