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5 reasons why Magento users don’t abandon their shopping cart


And why you should not abandon the practice yourself. These 5 points are making a strong case when it comes to web shopping :

1. Option NOT to register online in order to buy the product

Magento’s default setting on the checkout page is to have the “Checkout as guest” option which leaves the customer with the ability to demonstrate their free will if they actually wish to “Register”.

If you ever bought anything on a web shop you’ve probably been confronted with an uneasy decision making when you didn’t have any other option but to register in order to buy the product. According to the way of how we feel when we’re pushed to do something we didn’t even expect we had to do and than to have no other way but to agree to the terms or leave the cart it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up to the conclusion that the 30% of us will just leave the shop without buying anything.

Other people that decided to buy in the end, did so with an uneasy feeling and probably won’t be at ease to come again, although they are now registered as a user.

Note: There are many special cases when users need to register in order to buy a certain product or service and if the shop owner recognized this as an essential part of the their online commerce than it is of course encouraged to do so. In all other 90% cases you’ll just loose money.

2. Unobtrusive Adding to cart

What’s this you ask? Well on some web shops after you press the “Add to Cart” or “Buy now” button you’re presented with some additional choices that just pop-out and leave you wondering if you product is even added to the cart not to mention that this “Easter egg” behaved obtrusively and furthermore shocked the buyer.

In Magento your customer is the king and is lead directly to the shopping cart where he/she can make the choice to buy some cross-sell products or just continue with the shopping.

Another great thing is that you can calculate the shipping costs once you are ready to place the order.

3. Displaying the product availability

How many times did you finish looking for the product, added it to the cart and then the cart displayed that the product you entered is not available? Well it happened to me so many times that I’m wondering what is wrong with displaying a simple message on availability of that product. Furthermore, this is a perfect opportunity to establish a relationship with your potential customer, you can get your user the information on when the product will be available. Magento has both options available by default and they provide that great shopping experience of reliability and confidence.

4. Easy checkout process

Entering the details for your purchase can be a tedious task (if you’re not registered wink, wink ) and adding more pages for the user DOES NOT help. Magento’s checkout process is done via an interactive one-page 6 step process with clearly defined steps that need to be done and what is more important the success page with the order number is displayed when your order is placed. Not to mention that there is a “Checkout progress” sidebar displaying the info you’ve provided if you need to correct anything, which is as simple as clicking on any of the steps.

5. Transparency and Customer Service

This one is more of a “We thought about that with a reason” feature and although it’s definitely a non-technical one since it’s “just” some CMS page already existing in the default shop, they are the deal breaker for many “first visitors” since they need to be assured and then re-assured as any of us that your shop is reliable and accountable. So having the “About us” , “privacy policy” and Contact pages displayed along with some useful banners on what type of payment you provide and the shopping security is enabled thru SSL or any other means is a definite must for all store owners.

This leaves us with the conclusion that these 5 points are the key facts in establishing the best customer relationship and experience and the best of all is that they are built-in and pre-thought of according to many years of experience in online shopping.

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