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How to use category to show static pages


Some days ago, I worked on a project which has many URLs linked to static content page. These URLs are shown in main menu. As you know, in main menu are categories. Normally, almost developers add these URLs directly to the phtml file. But I will show you how to do it by another way which is using category .Therefore, you can use each category for one static content page.
First of all, create a static block (instead of static page) by going to CMS > Static Blocks.
After that, going to Catalog > Manage Categories to add new category. To make the category show static block, navigate to ‘Display settings’ tab and select ‘Static block only’ in display mode drop down field.

In CMS block, choose the block you want to show when customer goes to this category page. Click on save button.
It’s time to check the work now
Navigate to the front-end, you will find the category you just added in the main menu, but when you click on it, you will see the static content you want to show.

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