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Solution for “Invalid OAuth access token” in Magento Facebook App

Posted on October 16th, 2012 | Posted by admin

If you have encountered the “Invalid oAuth token error” while saving a product in the Magento Catalog Page, please follow the below steps to get rid of the error:

Please confirm whether the CURL function is enabled in your server. If it is not been enabled, please contact your hosting provider to enable the CURL function in your server.

If still the problem persist,

Go to your Magento root path and find the below file
and find the public function get_app_token($appid, $appsecret)

now replace the existing code

Change attributes magento

Posted on October 14th, 2012 | Posted by admin

Change attributes magento
I use custom attributes for my products and I am working on my script, which get attributes and after change them value. I have done selecting code but I dont know how can I do code, which change value.

->addAttributeToFilter(‘manufacturer’, ’3′)

foreach ($collection as $product) {

echo $product->getName();
echo $product->getResource()->getAttribute(‘cena_balenia_czk’)->getFrontend()->getValue($product);
echo ‘-’;
echo $product->getResource()->getAttribute(‘czk’)->getFrontend()->getValue($product);
echo ‘

Magento: Parsing Schema: can’t import schema from

Posted on October 13th, 2012 | Posted by admin

I had developed script to connect to Magento server to pull some products by sending values to filter. All of a sudden, last Tuesday it stopped working. I had implemented the searching products from Magento via AJAX so the client was not able to see the error messages to. It seemed it very strange for me too.

Later when I try to connect to the Magento server from outside that AJAX script, then I found the following fatal error message:

Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [WSDL] SOAP-ERROR: Parsing Schema: can’t import schema from ’’

Magento normally contains the line following line in its WSDL:

  1. <import namespace=”” schemalocation=””>
  2. </import>

Display multiple image for particular product

Posted on October 13th, 2012 | Posted by admin

I’ve seen some solutions out there that modify core code, some that just take a file and move it to your /app/code/local/ retaining the same directory structure, so as to just override the file. I don’t recommend either of these methods (especially the first), as with a true module you are setting up a much better environment over time for this to last. And a module allows you to ONLY override the methods you need to modify, instead of entire classes. Plus, you can easily disable the module right in the admin (Admin >> System >> Configuration >> Advanced).

Be sure you replace all of the “YOURSTUFF” with your name or company name.

I have only tested this with
Step 1:

Create the file: /app/etc/modules/YOURSTUFF_ImportMultipleImages.xml. This file tells Magento that you have this module and where it is located.


Magento Tutorial–Catalog Price Rules

Posted on October 12th, 2012 | Posted by admin

Once you have created your web shop with Magento Themes, nothing is more effective in marketing than discounts that are given on products or prizes that are offered. Customers love it when you say 10  ,20 or 50% discount is offered, or enter into lucky draw by purchasing any specific product etc. How would you create these marketing campaigns for your website? Well, Magento comes into play and provides complete Promos and marketing management tools.

You might have seen at many web shops during checkout, you are given an option to enter a promotional code or coupon code. Once you have entered a coupon code, the price of that product is automatically reduced according to the discount being given. Magento gives its users excellent tool for managing Coupons and promotions just like it has great Magento Themes for websites. The name of that tool is Magento Price rules.  These rules allow comprehensive options to configure promotions store wide.

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