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How to set multiple websites with multiple store views in Magento

Posted on June 9th, 2011 | Posted by admin

If you work with Magento, sooner or later you will end up needing multiple websites that have
multiple languages.
Most of you know this, but I hope someone will still find this post useful.

There are few ways of doing same thing, but in my experience way I’m going to present now causes
less problems even though it is less automatic than some other ways.

Let’s say we want 2 websites and 2 languages for each site.

Here’s procedure:

In admin panel, go to System->Configuration and click on “Manage Stores”
Click on “Main Website” to change it’s name to “Website 1″ or however you want to call it. (I’ll call mine “Website 1″ for the purposes of this article).

Magento store with 1 product

Posted on May 16th, 2011 | Posted by admin
Kapitol Reef :: Magento store with 1 product

Can an online store have only one product? Sure it can and we give you the one that just launched. Kapitol Reef was founded to develop, perfect, manufacture and market a new breed of snorkels based upon pressure-balanced breathing in the aquatic environment. The entire focus for this company is to deliver best-of-class products, starting with the snorkel. Kapitol Reef is in the market for many years and this week they published a new site. Similar to our work on Teraflex project, we used WordPress and Magento platforms for the development.

The request was to have an extensive online store solution with multiple customers groups. Those groups should have different product prices and different payment options. Magento seemed like a great solution for such a request, although the initial concern was if it might be an overkill considering the fact we only have one product to start with?

When the development started to roll out, the concern was no more. This will work superbly. We give you the new Magento store that uses a combination of WordPress and Magento. Magento portion of the site is visible from the Online Store tab.

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