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Template Structure – Magento Themes

Posted on August 14th, 2012 | Posted by admin

I am going to provide you with further understanding about how to use Magento themes in the easiest way. By giving some main concepts and approach to Structure of Template, this tutorial will certainly be helpful for those who have encountered difficulties when applying Magento Themes as well as wanted to learn more about Magento. Three main following parts will be covered:

• Define and describe how to use Magento themes

• Define and describe how to use design packages

• Define and describe how to use fallbacks

Now let’s start with the first section: Define and describe how to use Magento Themes

Magento 1.4 Themes Design Book Review

Posted on July 15th, 2011 | Posted by admin

Magento 1.4 Themes Designwas written by Richard Carter and published by Packt Publishing. It was published in January of this year (2011). I read the eBook copy, so I have not yet been able to look at the paper copy, but if it is like every other book published by Packt, there’s not much to complain about.

This book is geared towards beginners looking to get their hands dirty with theming Magento, and understanding how it works. If you are only used to theming applications like WordPress or ZenCart, you will find Magento very difficult. Magento doesn’t just use template files. Magento is much more like a framework, and should be considered as such. They have implemented a powerful system of blocks, layout xml, and template files. The concept can be difficult to wrap your head around, and that’s where this book can really help you get started.

You’ll find the book very well organized, and the author does an amazing job explaining concepts without rambling on forever. There are many occasions where a link to a article (mostly wiki articles on Magento’s site) that better explains the concept in detail, which is nice as it doesn’t clog up the book, and allows you to choose to explore the concept further or not.

How To Create CSS Image Buttons In Your Magento Themes

Posted on July 14th, 2011 | Posted by admin

Many developers and store owners don’t like to use images as buttons simply because they do not wish their users to wait until the images load. Image buttons gives the flexibility to display images as per store’s requirement but these days lots and lots of stores are opting to create CSS image buttons rather than image buttons. With a very little tweak you can get rid of image buttons in your theme and switch to CSS buttons. If you are willing to change your image buttons to CSS powered buttons then follow the steps given below:

Take a nice background image which is blank and nothing written on it. We will use this background image to generate text over it. Basically, if you follow CSS buttons you don’t have to create separate images for each button. Download the background image given below for an example (you can create your own image background).

Free Magento Themes vs Custom Magento Design

Posted on May 11th, 2011 | Posted by admin

Free Magento Themes vs Custom Magento Design

This blog post describes pros and cons of having a free Magento theme versus having a custom Magento design from a marketing perspective.

Free Magento Themes:

There are some pretty obvious advantages of using a free Magento theme:

  • It’s free. – This one is a no-brainer, you don’t need to invest any money in it.
  • It’s fast. – You don’t need to wait for it to be finished, you just download it and use it.
  • It works. – Most of the free Magento themes work just fine with Magento out of the box.

However, truth be told, I believe the cons of having a free Magento theme give you enough reason to go for custom design:

How to custom magento themes

Posted on May 6th, 2011 | Posted by admin

Magento is the strongest ecommerce opensource now. Each day, there are many new Magento webiste are published. In this artilce, I please write my experiences so magento designers or magento developers can custom magento theme quickly.
The first: We need to design magento shop, normally we just need to design for 3 main pages: Home page, category page and product detail pages. The other pages will be based on default theme, modern them or blank themes, because the design of default, modern theme is very nice and very standard, so it is not necessary to change them, These changes here is just changes for color, button so this fit your design. If you are designer, you need to take a look at the magento demo first so understand magento themes, because if not you can design a product that is very difficult to implement into magento.

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