Types Of Innerspring Mattresses

Spring mattresses may have been around since the time of our grandmothers’ grandmothers, but that does not mean that nobody uses them anymore. Even if they are more than a hundred years old, they are still the most popular type of mattress. Check other households and you will more or less find that they use spring mattresses.

Many other modern mattress types such as latex and memory foam offer even more advantages than traditional spring mattresses. They offer much more support and are even able to improve our posture and blood circulation. However, many people still prefer innerspring mattresses. Perhaps it is emotionally reassuring to sleep on a type of mattress similar to the one you had as a child?

What some of us may not know is that spring mattresses have evolved over the years. Today there are many different types of innerspring mattresses, each designed with different capacities and characteristics. What are these and what type of innerspring mattress is best suited for you? Here they are.

Pocket spiral system

The pocket spring mattress is considered to be the highest quality spring mattress because it offers the sleeper the highest comfort and support. This is achieved by its system consisting of a group of independent coils, each wrapped or enclosed in its own fabric cover. The cover prevents the coils from spreading. They are then joined together with thread or glue.

This system allows the mattress to maintain tension all the time. Compared to the other types of spring mattresses, this one can adapt better to the body contour and relieves, if not eliminates, the pressure points especially in side sleepers. Pocket spring cores are also ideal for couples, as these mattresses are able to minimize the transmission of movement from one sleeping partner to the other.

However, if you opt for pocket-sprung beds, it is best to choose the more durable brands, especially if you are lying on the heavier side. This is because it becomes less durable the heavier the sleeper becomes. Apart from that, pocket coil spring mattresses are also the most expensive type, their price ranges from $800 to $1600 for a queen size mattress.

Bonnell coil system

Bonnell coil system mattresses are the most common type of spring mattresses. Perhaps they are so common because they are the least expensive and cost only about $500 to $900 for a queen-size mattress. However, they are cheapest because they are also the lowest quality innerspring mattresses available.

Bonnell coils have hourglass shapes and have five coils. All coils are connected by small spiral wire spirals. They generally provide good support for the sleeper at first, but they do not last as long as other types of innerspring mattresses. However, you can find a longer lasting Bonnell coil mattress if you are looking for a coil number of at least 500 coils and a coil thickness of 13 or less.

Continuous spool system

Continuous coil mattresses are one of the more durable types of spring mattresses. They have coils that are made from one piece of continuous metal, perhaps 18 gauge wire. The metal is not formed into individual coils, but into a network of coils. Each coil is subjected to less stress than other types of stress and is able to evenly distribute the weight of the sleeper.

This system gives a firm hold to any person, regardless of size and weight. Comfort and durability are also guaranteed by the continuous coil system. Support, comfort and durability are achieved with this system because each coil is connected in the network of coils, each of them can also pull support from the adjacent coils.

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